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Ne jamais contente.
(Camille Jenatzy)

Jonathon Donahue lives in southern Arizona. His resumé includes positions as an ad agency artist, copywriter, art director and creative director. As a second career, he worked as a technical publications writer/illustrator, and then as an elearning multimedia designer for a Fortune 500 telecom corporation. More recently, he did tourism marketing for the city of Tombstone, AZ. Long-term career theme: creation and packaging of words and images... whether in print or onscreen.

Jon has a deep interest in the history and development of illustrated books. He sees the new digital technology as a way for authors to break free of design limitations imposed by mechanical press restrictions. Outcome: a modern return to the conceptual elegnce of old Irish manuscripts, where words and images were once seamlessly intertwined, and shall be again in our near future.

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