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Cover page

Initial sketch


Outsourced, offshored

College – no ROI?

Five Magic Secrets

College for liberal arts?

Success via social climbing

Your 2024 software skill set

Alternative software

Work hard, get nowhere

The 10,000-hour problem

Planning three years out

Chaos is opportunity

AI wants your job. Really?

We’re Number Two!

5 in gold

Fine art world

Film and fashion



Influencers and Creators


Pencils vs. NFTs

The 4-square solution

1. Who’s solid? Stable? A safe, long-term job?

2. Who’s got the most money?

3. Work at the top

4. Deadlines mean dollars

Jobs – a shopping list

1. Video games

2. VFX magic

3. Ad agencies

4. Defense and High-tech

5. Pharmaceuticals and Biomed

Break down the door

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